Phone: 1.833.GO2.7DVC (1.833.462.7382)


Our logo was carefully crafted by Washington Media Services using art and symbolism to embody all 7DVC is about.

Our triangle signifies the TRUST-LOVE-RESPECT shared between parents and teens that helps develop a responsible driver.

The black, red and green circle symbolizes The Original 7DVC bracelet. The colors represent the 7 Driver Vows.

  • Black signifies members will:
  • Not Speed Excessively 
  • Not Drink or Use Drugs
  • Not Text

    Red signifies members will:
  • Not Engage in Road Rage
  • Avoid Distractions

    Green signifies members will:
  • Ensure All Passengers Wear a Seat Belt
  • Obey the Law

An artistic acronym for 7 Driver Vows Club.

In Native American culture, a left arrow signifies war and a right arrow signifies protection. This symbolizes our war against teen driving tragedies and protection by keeping the 7 driver vows.

Our tag line and foundation for 7DVC

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