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The PTDA Project mission is to produce responsible teen drivers by helping them establish and maintain a proper mindset toward driving by using a Say It… Print It…Carry It approach.

The Project mission is carried out by Driving Schools, Driver Education Instructors (DEI’s) and Teen Driver Safety Advocates (TDSA’s) who use that approach.

SAY IT: Means to take the 7 Driver Vows Pledge out loud that declares they are committed to be a responsible driver.
PRINT IT: Means to implement a written Parent-Teen Driving Agreement that should start at the permit phase.
CARRY IT: Means to carry a 7 Driver Vows Keychain that displays the Pledge; signifies they are a responsible driver; and whose emblem symbolizes the TRUST-LOVE-RESPECT shared between parents and teens that further inspires them to strive to drive ticket free and at fault collision free for a life time.

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