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Our Mission

Aid teen driver safety by providing free Parent – Teen Driving Agreements to families throughout the U.S.A.

Our Story

In the summer of 2017, Chaz Gower attended a driver education course instructed by retired Washington State Patrol Trooper Craig Metcalf.

On the last day of the course, Craig challenges his students to drive ticket free and at-fault collision-free for a lifetime by vowing they will:

  1. Not Speed
  2. Not  Drink or Use Drugs
  3. Not  Text
  4. Not  Engage in Road Rage
  5. Avoid Distractions
  6.  Ensure All Passengers Wear a Seat Belt
  7.  Obey the Law 

Following that challenge, in the spirit of her Native American culture, Chaz gave each of her classmates a handmade seven color seed bead bracelet as a means to connect them, commemorate the occasion, and as a reminder of the seven driving vows they had taken.  

Observing how purposeful, personal and powerful her gift was, Craig envisioned the PTDA Project, whereby teens throughout the USA could have the same experience.

So, fueled by his passion for teen traffic safety, he embarked on a journey to implement the PTDA Project starting with founding the 7 Driver Vows Club LLC in 2020.    

Founder’s Facts

Circa 1997

  • Has a passion for teen driver safety that began in high school when a friend was killed in a senseless car crash.

  • Retired Washington State Patrol Trooper.

  • Current Washington State Licensed Driving Instructor and DOL Examiner since 2007.

  • Former 104th Training Division (USAR) Transportation Company Instructor and Examiner.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, and Master’s Degree in Administration of Criminal Justice.

  • Former Vice Chair and Instructor – Administration of Criminal Justice Program – Clark College Vancouver, Washington.

  • Former guest speaker – Washington Traffic Safety Education Association.

  • Former instructor – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Defensive Driving Course.

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