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Choices change lives in both positive and negative ways.

Choosing to take the 7 Driver Vows Pledge; implementing a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement and carry a 7 Driver Vows keychain, changes lives in the following positive ways:

  • Connects parents and teens to a shared goal of teen driver safety based on TRUST…LOVE…RESPECT,
  • Provides parents/guardians peace of mind knowing their teen has committed to be a responsible driver.  
  • The PTDA holds teens accountable and responsible for their decisions, choices and behavior; thereby influencing a teen’s attitude and mindset toward driving in a positive way.
  • Encourages, enables and empowers teens to wage war against teen driving tragedies by insisting fellow teens obey the law when they are in their presence.
  • And finally, 7DVC changes lives through our Giving Program, whose recipients provide aid and comfort to those in need. As well as donating to Teach One to Lead One, whose mission is to mentor at-risk kids throughout the nation.   

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