Phone: 1.833.GO2.7DVC (1.833.462.7382)


The emblem was created by Washington Media Services. 

It was inspired by the following quote from Surf Collective NYC:  

 Regardless of time, to be described as “cool” is a compliment that will never go out of style….From the clothing you wear to the attitude you have, coolness is a result of how you view yourself. It is being proud of who you are and not apologizing for your differences or your style. 

Emblem Meaning:

  • The top DVC is an artistic acronym for: 7 Driver Vows Club. The number 7 forms the right side of the “V”. 
  • The bottom letters are the top letters inverted with the “V” now forming an “A” which creates an acronym for: “Drivers Are Cool”. 

They are proud of who they are…have numerous quality characteristics…and great attitudes.

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